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About Us


Founded in the year 1998, Sheth Electronics is a rapidly growing custom Product Requirement solution company. We offer full cycle custom Product, Electronics Component and Module, from product idea and support. The vision behind the company was to connect a strong pedigree in product design and user experience with deep domain expertise in various technologies.

Sheth Electronics delivers highly responsive and innovative solutions that help clients to align their strategy with their business goals and address the most important needs today through a combination of consulting solutions, proprietary methodologies, and assets based services.

Now entering into new domain, new service for our customers with the same passion, interest and enthusiasm into a new venture of products under Sheth Electronics providing Electronics Components online and promising all customer satisfaction.

Sheth Electronics is among the fastest growing and most innovative product sales and development firm based in Bangalore. The company provides comprehensive products for the end user; customize product design and development, services for the product, and R&D services for leading technology companies over the globe.

We continue to exceed our customers’ expectations—year after year—by using only the highest quality materials in every component we build. That commitment to quality is visible in our growth.