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Sub Category : PTC Resettable Fuse
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Product Details:

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We are the leading traders of PTC Resettable Fuse. Which are designed to provide resettable overcurrent protection serving a wide range of electronics applications. 

RESSETABLE FUSE PPTC RAYCHEM TYCO G500 16V LVR005[50MA/230V] LVR012 120MA/240V LVR 016 LVR025S 265v Ac LVR040 400MA/240V LVR055 550MA/240V LVR075 LVR100 100A/265V AC LVR200 2A/265V AC PSR-25039 16V/11A RBE165A-1 RGEF 1000 (10AMP/16V) RGEF1100 11A/16V RGEF 250/16V RGEF 300 3A/16V RGEF400 RGEF500 5A/16V RGEF 700 7A/16V RUEF090[900MA/30V] RUEF110-30V RUEF 135 ( 1.35AMP/30V ) RUEF160 30A/160V RUEF250-30V RUEF300 (3A/30V) RUEF400V 4A/30V RUEF-500 RUEF600 6A/30V RUEF900 [9A/30V] RXEF005 50MA/72V RXEF010 60V RXEF010 72V RXEF015-60V STRIP BOURNS RXEF025-60V RXEF025 72V RXEF035/60V RXEF040-72V RXEF050 60V RXEF050/72V RXEF065/72V RXEF075-72V RXEF090 72V RXEF110-72V RXEF135-72V RXEF160-60V RXEF185-72V RXEF250 2.5A/72V RXEF300 (3AMP/72V) RXEF375 3.75A/60V TR250-120T-B-05 12A/250V TRF250-110 X600 RS FUSE YELLOW STRIP

resettable fuse, polyfuse or polyswitch) is a passive electronic component used to protect against overcurrent faults in electronic circuits. They are similar in function to PTC thermistors in certain situations but operate on mechanical changes instead of charge carrier effects in semiconductors.
PTC fuses reach a high resistance with a low holding current under fault conditions and cycle back to a conductive state after the current is removed, acting more like circuit breakers, allowing the circuit to function again without opening the chassis or replacing anything. A PPTC device has a current rating. When the current flowing through the device (which has a small resistance in the on state) exceeds the current limit, the PPTC device warms up above a threshold temperature and the electrical resistance of the PPTC device suddenly increases several orders of magnitude to a "tripped" state where the resistance will typically be hundreds or thousands of ohms. The current subsequently reduces due to the finite voltage of the power source. The rated trip current can be anywhere from 20 mA to 100 A.

A polymeric PTC device comprises a non-conductive crystalline organic polymer matrix that is loaded with carbon black particles to make it conductive. While cool, the polymer is in a crystalline state, with the carbon forced into the regions between crystals, forming many conductive chains. Since it is conductive (the "initial resistance"), it will pass a given current, called the "hold current". If too much current is passed through the device, the "trip current", the device will begin to heat. As the device heats, the polymer will expand, changing from a crystalline into an amorphous state. The expansion separates the carbon particles and breaks the conductive pathways, causing the resistance of the device to increase. This will cause the device to heat faster and expand more, further raising the resistance. This increase in resistance substantially reduces the current in the circuit. A small current still flows through the device and is sufficient to maintain the temperature at a level which will keep it in the high resistance state. The device can be said to have latching functionality.


•Fast time–to–trip 
•Meets all USB protection requirements
•RoHS compliant, Lead-Free and Halogen-Free


•Computers & peripherals
•Any USB application
•General Electronics


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