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Category : LED DISPLAY
Sub Category : Seven Segment LED Display
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Model : LED00007
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6 - 10 38.22 /- each 2% Off
11 - 100 37.05 /- each 5% Off
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Product Type : 3rd Party Product
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8 Inch

Lighting Type





Instrument, Temperature Controller, Counter, Clock Display

These Seven Segment Display are widely used to displaying large quantity. These LED displays are high in quality and provides high performance. HB80011ASR, LB80011ASR, AB80011ASR
we offer led display, seven segment led display, 7 segment led display two digit, seven segment led display three digit, 7 segment four digit clock display and 7 segment led display five digit from India.
Our enterprise is an eminent manufacturer, importer, distributor, wholesaler and supplier of optimum quality 7 Segment LED Display Single Digit. The offered LED display is manufactured using the finest quality raw material and ultra-modern technology by our adroit professionals. Our provided LED display is tested against different quality measures so as to ensure its quality. Moreover, this LED display is highly appreciated in the market for its different quality measures. 

 are the Pioneers in manufacturing complete range of LED Segment Digit LED Displays in the country since 26 years with QUALITY meeting International standards (ISO9001 certified & CACT approved since 16 years. its received INDIA'S TOP LED BRAND award from EFY survey consecutively for last TWO YEARS. it  is SUCCESS is due to our COMPETITIVE PRICES for professional Quality lumens performance, uniform consistency & reliability. it has over 500 LED Display products of size 0.3" to 12" , in multiple color emissions, multiple brightness chips & Dimensional styles. We have over 10,000 satisfied customers over last 26 years & Several Lighting manufacturers all over the country have used our POWER LEDs and reaping best results.

LED Displays:

·    Available In Ired, Green, Blue, White,Super Amber, Super Red, Super Yellow,Super Green, Ultra Red, Super Orange, Blue Green, Ultra Green Colors.


0.3” Six Digit Display
Part No: 3061CA, 3061CC
Body Size: 41.0 x 11.0 x 5.8 mm

0.36” Six Digit Display
Part No: 3661CA, 3661CC
Body Size: 43.5 x 14.0 x 7.0 mm

0.5” Six Digit Display
Part No: 5061CA, 5061CC
Body Size:73.8 x 24.9 x 7.0 mm

0.27” Seven Digit Display
Part No: 2771CA, 2771CC
Body Size:41.0 x 11.0 x 6.0 mm 

0.28” Single Digit Display
Part No: 2811CA, 2811CC
Body Size: 7.4x10.0x6.0 mm

0.32” Single Digit Display
Part No: 3211CA, 3211CC, 3211CANG, 3211CCNG
Body Size: 7.0x11.0x5.0 mm

0.39” Single Digit Display
Part No: 3911CA, 3911CC, 3911CANG, 3911CCNG
Body Size: 10.0x13.0x7.0 mm

0.56” Single Digit Display
Part No: 542CASR, 543CCSR, 56CANG, 56CCNG
Body Size: 12.6x19.0x8.0 mm

0.8” Single Digit Display Special
Part No: 8016CA, 8016CC
Body Size: 16.5x27.7x8.4 mm

0.80” Single Digit Display
Part No: 8012CASD, 8012CCSD [Side Pin]
Part No: 8012CAUP, 8012CCUP, [UP / Down Pin]
Body Size: 20.0x27.7x8.4 mm

1.0” Single Digit Display
Part No: 102CASD, 102CCSD, 102CANG, 102CCNG [Side Pin]
Part No: 102CAUP, 102CCUP [UP / Down Pin]
Body Size: 22.5x33.0x8.5 mm

1.0” Single Digit Display
Part No: 1108CAUP, 1108CCUP [UP / Down]
Body Size: 24.0x34.0x10.5 mm

1.2” Single Digit Display
Part No: 12011CA, 12011CC
Body Size: 28.8x40.8x9.0 mm

1.5” Single Digit Display
Part No: 15011CA, 15011CC, 15012CANG
Body Size: 30.6x44.0x8.0 mm

1.8” Single Digit Display
Part No: 18011CA, 18011CC, 18011CANG, 18011CCNG
Body Size: 38.0x56.8x11.0 mm

2.0” Single Digit Display
Part No: 20011CA, 20011CC, 20011CANG, 20011CCNG
Body Size: 40.0x58.0x12.0 mm

2.3” Single Digit Display
Part No: 23011CA, 23011CC, 23011CANG, 23011CCNG
Body Size: 47.8x69.7x12.0 mm

3.0” Single Digit Display
Part No: 30011CA, 30011CC
Body Size: 70.0x110.0x13.0 mm


·    Sturdiness
·    Light weight
·    Attractive design:
·    Easy to fit
·    Shock proof
·    Long service life